Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How to Import Your Lotus Notes Calendar into Thunderbird - Lightning in 3 Easy Steps

Convert Notes Calendar to Mozilla Lightning

I spent the day Googling how to import my Lotus Notes calendar into Thunderbird's calendar add-on (Lightning). While there were many pleas for help, no love, no solution.

I tried what seemed like an easy fix, exporting an ics file from Lotus Notes and then importing into Lightning. Unfortunately, this doesn't work. I think that the interpreter in Lightning can't handle the particular way Notes interprets the ics standard.

Anyway, by trial and error, I came up with the following solution to import a Lotus calendar into Lightning. It doesn't require any software downloads, and it can be done in three easy steps.

  1. At work Lotus Notes (I'm using version 7), go to the Lotus Calendar. Then, choose File: Export: ICS: File name: LotusNotesCalendar.ics (or whatever file name you like)
  2. At work, login to your Google account and go to the Google Calendar. Then, click on the left gray box: Add: Import Calendar: LotusNotesCalendar.ics (the file you just created).

  3. Note your Private Google Calendar Address (from triangle next to your calendar): Calendar Settings: Private Address: Green ICAL button. From Thunderbird (at home or elsewhere), open the Lightning Calendar. Go to File: Import Calendar: Enter the full web address of your Google Private Calendar. Done!

You now have a complete copy of your Lotus Notes Calendar in Lightning.