Sunday, May 11, 2008

Where to find inexpensive educational software for kids

Software Icon from ndesign-studio.comDid you know that you can find educational software for kids costing as little as $1 per CD?
Check out these websites with great deals on children's learning programs to help your child improve skills in reading, spelling, mathematics, science, history and more.

These online stores have steep discounts on kid's software, because they often sell older versions of popular kids programs (often not compatible with Windows Vista or XP). Also, most programs come in a jewel case or paper sleeve instead of the original packaging to save on shipping costs.

For reviews of children's software, kid's software guides, and general advice to help you find the right learning software for your child, here are some helpful websites: Cyber Reviews Educational Software Reviews, Kaboose Computer Game Reviews, Super Kids Educational Software Reviews, Discovery Channel's Best Educational Software Reviews, and Learning Village's Guide to First Class Educational Software.


Cyber City Software - Educational Programs ($3.99 or less)

Cyber City Software - Educational Programs ($3.99 or less)

CyberCity Software offers children's educational software titles for $3.99 or less including Oregon Trail, Millie's Math House, Reader Rabbit, ClueFinders, and Carmen SanDiego. Ground shipping is a flat $3.99 fee.

Planet  - Educational Software ($5.50 to $6.50)

Planet  - Educational Software ($5.50 to $6.50) Planet CD-Rom charges $5.49 to $6.49 shipping for each CD (which includes shipping). They have a huge selection of programs to teach kids from kindergarten through high school. Kid's titles include Arthur, Blue's Clues, Caillou, Reader Rabbit, Schoolhouse Rock, DK, JumpStart, and more. Use PlanetCDRom coupon code FCD10 to save 10% on your software order.

5 Dollar Software - Kids and Educational CD's (Most $5 or $10)

5 Dollar Software - Kids and Educational CD's5 Dollar Software educational titles are mostly priced from $5 to $10 (some CD's are $2 and some are $20). Shipping is a flat rate of $3.99. Educational software titles include Sesame Street, Curious George, Jay Jay the Jet Plane, Disney, Rainbow Fish and Madeleine, and more.

Friday, May 9, 2008

How to Find the Best Restaurants in New Jersey

You can find New Jersey’s best spots for eating out in just a few clicks with these restaurant review sites.Are you looking for great New Jersey restaurants? You can find New Jersey’s best spots for eating out in just a few clicks with these restaurant review sites.

When the restaurant reviewers are regular customers, you know you will find detailed critiques pointing you toward the top eateries. You can search these New Jersey restaurant review websites by star rating, price, and location and hear the voices of casual diners and gourmet diners in insightful and honest restaurant reviews.

Food Buzz – New Jersey Restaurant Reviews Restaurant Reviews for New Jersey
"From the professional chef to the casual diner and everyone in between, ... search results are community-driven and contextually relevant, providing users with the unique opportunity to surf original and user-generated content based on their search criteria." From the website.

Yelp - New Jersey Restaurant Reviews Restaurant Reviews for New Jersey

"Yelp is the ultimate city guide that taps into the community's voice and reveals honest and current insights on local businesses and services on everything from martinis to mechanics. ...just real people, writing real reviews, and that's the real deal." From the website.

Chef Moz Dining Guide - New Jersey Restaurant Reviews Restaurant Reviews for New Jersey

"Chef Moz allows everyone who has an opinion, or just knows about a restaurant, to contribute to its vast fast-growing database. No need to wait all year for the new Yellow Pages; check out the new restaurants in your neighborhood now!" From the website.

Zagat's New Jersey Restaurants Guide 2008-2009 at

Zagat New Jersey Restaurant Guide 2008-2009 at Amazon.comHere's an offline resource that you can keep in the car, purse, or briefcase and always have some great dining out options.

"Zagat Survey, the world's best-selling publisher of restaurant guides, has empowered savvy consumers by providing them with a vehicle to express their opinions – ... consumer-based ratings and reviews has proven truly valuable to the public." From the website.

5 Secret Blackberry Web Browser Shortcut Tips (plus free printable cheat sheet)

Do you love surfing the web on your Blackberry?Blackberry_Web_Browser_Shortcut_Tips

Did you know that you can use a single keypress in the Blackberry browser to go to your homepage (H), view a thumbnail image of the current webpage (X), or open your bookmarks list (L)?

Here are 5 "secret" Blackberry web browser shortcut tips guaranteed to speed your internet surfing and help you get the most out of the Blackberry browser.

G = Go to. Enter web page address.
H = Home page. Jumps to your homepage.
K = Bookmark list. Opens the bookmark list.
A = Add bookmark
I = History. View addresses of recent pages visited.

Printable cheatsheet with Blackberry web browser shortcuts:
(To print: right-click and select print picture from menu or print the entire page)

  Blackberry Browser Shortcuts Cheat-Sheet 
(I tested these on a Blackberry 8830. Please feel free to add comments for compatibility with other Blackberry models.)

Want to learn more tricks and techniques for your Blackberry? Here are two top-selling Blackberry guides on Amazon.

Blackberry for Dummies: (Read the Amazon reviews to see if it’s right for you. It gets some raves and some pans.) "BlackBerry For Dummies, second edition comes to the rescue with just what you need to know to get the most from this amazing device. It covers the newest BlackBerry models and all the latest developments." From the book description.

BlackBerry® 8800 & 8300 Curve Made Simple: (Only one Amazon review so far, but you can use Amazon's "browse the book" to read some sample chapters.) "Both beginners and advanced users will learn a great deal from this new comprehensive guide to the BlackBerry® 8800 and 8300 Curve Smartphones. This truly is the Definitive guide to the BlackBerry." From the book description.

Also, take a look at this long list of Blackberry shortcuts from Blackberry 101 tips on the RIM website for the Blackberry 8800 series. Also, check out the BlackBerry HTML Web Browsing FAQ at Blackberry forums.

Friday, May 2, 2008

3 Money-Saving Secrets for Shopping on

1. Hot money-saving tip for free super-saver shipping

How many times have you spend a half-hour looking for a cheap item to get your Amazon order up to $25 to qualify for free super-saver shipping? Guess what? There’s a much easier solution.

Just click on – the Amazon Filler Item Finder - enter the amount you need to hit $25 and you get a list of items that will do the trick. (Note: make sure the item you choose is eligible for free super saver shipping!) An alternative Amazon filler item list is at FreebieVille.

the Amazon Filler Item Finder

2. Cool secret tip to save money on Amazon: Great coupons for Amazon, see the whole list

Did you know that Amazon has coupon codes with great discounts like 50% off chocolate and $20 of $99 on planet friendly purchases? You can get an up to date list with current promotion codes at

current promotion codes at

3. Awesome money-saving tip for Amazon Prime members

Did you join Amazon Prime to get free 2-day shipping (without any minimum purchase), and then realize how many items don’t qualify.

Check out this search engine that only finds Amazon products that qualify for Amazon Prime shipping. An alternative is which seems to give more results but doesn’t include images of the items.

Amazon products that qualify for Amazon Prime shipping

Enjoy these money saving tips for online shopping. Happy savings!