Friday, May 9, 2008

5 Secret Blackberry Web Browser Shortcut Tips (plus free printable cheat sheet)

Do you love surfing the web on your Blackberry?Blackberry_Web_Browser_Shortcut_Tips

Did you know that you can use a single keypress in the Blackberry browser to go to your homepage (H), view a thumbnail image of the current webpage (X), or open your bookmarks list (L)?

Here are 5 "secret" Blackberry web browser shortcut tips guaranteed to speed your internet surfing and help you get the most out of the Blackberry browser.

G = Go to. Enter web page address.
H = Home page. Jumps to your homepage.
K = Bookmark list. Opens the bookmark list.
A = Add bookmark
I = History. View addresses of recent pages visited.

Printable cheatsheet with Blackberry web browser shortcuts:
(To print: right-click and select print picture from menu or print the entire page)

  Blackberry Browser Shortcuts Cheat-Sheet 
(I tested these on a Blackberry 8830. Please feel free to add comments for compatibility with other Blackberry models.)

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Also, take a look at this long list of Blackberry shortcuts from Blackberry 101 tips on the RIM website for the Blackberry 8800 series. Also, check out the BlackBerry HTML Web Browsing FAQ at Blackberry forums.