Friday, May 2, 2008

3 Money-Saving Secrets for Shopping on

1. Hot money-saving tip for free super-saver shipping

How many times have you spend a half-hour looking for a cheap item to get your Amazon order up to $25 to qualify for free super-saver shipping? Guess what? There’s a much easier solution.

Just click on – the Amazon Filler Item Finder - enter the amount you need to hit $25 and you get a list of items that will do the trick. (Note: make sure the item you choose is eligible for free super saver shipping!) An alternative Amazon filler item list is at FreebieVille.

the Amazon Filler Item Finder

2. Cool secret tip to save money on Amazon: Great coupons for Amazon, see the whole list

Did you know that Amazon has coupon codes with great discounts like 50% off chocolate and $20 of $99 on planet friendly purchases? You can get an up to date list with current promotion codes at

current promotion codes at

3. Awesome money-saving tip for Amazon Prime members

Did you join Amazon Prime to get free 2-day shipping (without any minimum purchase), and then realize how many items don’t qualify.

Check out this search engine that only finds Amazon products that qualify for Amazon Prime shipping. An alternative is which seems to give more results but doesn’t include images of the items.

Amazon products that qualify for Amazon Prime shipping

Enjoy these money saving tips for online shopping. Happy savings!